Self-Care A Necessity in "Black" Communities



Self-care as it relates to this and next series of posts is defined as any act that addresses needs in regular & critical areas of one’s life. These needs might be spiritual, emotional, economic, artistic, physical, educational and social.To enforce critical self-care one must push through some of the blocks that can stop us from addressing those needs. How can you tell between a need and a want? For the purpose of this post we define a want as a natural desire driven feeling & a need as a something that is crucial to survival.

Confusing wants and needs on a regular basis can lead to swift, immediate and quiet self-care suicide. Self- care suicide is the gradual quiet ignoring of critical needs until the lack of essential care literally stops your emotional, physical, spiritual, educational, social or economic aspects of your life. This happens every day.

Consistently not checking your bank account or credit, not generating more income and emotionally spending over and over again will eventually kill you financially. Ingesting harmful foods or drink, that harm your body over and over again, ignoring it and not making critical self-care moves to shift the behavior and heal your body will eventually kill you.

According to research, U.S. businesses spent more than 171 billion dollars in 2013 to encourage consumers toward purchases that fuel the economy. That is a large investment of time, money and experts focused solely on guiding and influencing mass decision making. With these strong and well-funded sources working day and night to distract you from your core needs and funding their businesses on your self-care choices, it is no wonder most of us have a hard time determining the difference between a need and a want.

Let us look at these two contrasting terms.

Selfish = Ignoring basic boundaries of respect when speaking in exchange for ‘getting something off your chest.’

Self-care = Investigating what you really need before having a difficult conversation then focusing on creating the best case scenario to respectfully and safely Communicate that need.

A Self Care Revolutionary knows that everything that isn’t supporting critical needs must change immediately. He/She develops a plan, implements a strategy and places people around them who support and believe in their cause. If that revolutionary’s body is completely dehydrated, he or she will not wait a week before drinking water. Rather, he or she will find the water and consume it immediately. A revolution is not about waiting for others to make things easier for you who can’t see how critical and immediate your needs are to come around to your way of thinking. A revolution is about pairing up with those who agree with what is critical and the continuous push to maintain a constant flow of resources and support that help expand the movement until there is a new fair and just norm servicing the crucial care needs of everyone in the community.

What makes you a revolutionary, a Self Care Revolutionary, is when you respond to your personal challenges by acknowledging them and not walking past them.

Self-care is the act of accessing what thoughts, environment, behaviors and immediate resources can help you move one step closer to getting what you need. The emptiness you feel in your gut when you can’t satisfy a basic need like hunger, medical care or lack of physical touch is the core reason self-care is important. It hurts to feel like you cannot meet a core need you have. The act of self-care matters because to stay in hurt is slavery, prison and death. Self-care is not just your bare minimum survival needs, like breathing, it is also your need to thrive and sustain growth in life.

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