How to Start a “Black” Self Care Support Group

Self Care Support Groups are non-religious gatherings that welcome all to check in, express self-care goals and listen to and support others.

In order to maintain the integrity and consistency of all Self Care support groups, it is critical that all rules and parameters listed in the most current version of this book be followed. Self Care Support Groups are not designed to replace or serve as counseling sessions.

Self-care is an intimate act and each Self Care Ambassador assigned to host a support group is responsible for maintaining a safe space in which participants can share. The groups should be held in safe environments and cannot include any device that can record what is discussed.

Why Start a Support Group?

Starting a Self Care Support Group is a wonderful way to ensure you will be surrounded by individuals working the same formatted Self Care Plan as you. Many times a large group of people may all want to get in shape yet go about getting in shape in very different ways. Some ask for guidance and some do not. Without guidance from those with the wisdom to make your self-care journey less aggressive, a person can lose momentum and faith in the process of pushing through to taking better care of them self. Starting a Self Care Support Group allows you to speak the same language with those who want holistic growth in more than one area of their lives along your self-care journey.


Follow these guidelines to start a Self Care Support Group and facilitate the sessions.

  1. Each group must have a Certified Self Care Ambassador to coordinate the establishment and maintain the integrity of the group which is established exclusively by the Self Care Agency. Request a Self Care Support Group Ambassador Training & Registration Form (

2. Secure, if possible a co-facilitator/Self Care Ambassador to share the leadership responsibilities.

3. Decide whether your group will be private (by invitation) or open to the general public.

4. Determine how often your group will meet.

5. Each participant needs copy of the Self Care Matters A Revolutionary Approach and the Self Care Matters Journal & Playbook

To Ensure Privacy

Protect the privacy of participants in Self Care Support Groups, please ensure that:

6. No recording or sharing outside of the group.

7. No media of any kind are allowed in for the purpose of utilizing or sharing what is shared in the group meeting.

8. No texting, phone calls, tweeting during group

A Self Care Support Group is a safe, warm, welcome environment that allows each participant to listen to or share self-care goals in the categories of spiritual/emotional, economic, physical artistic, educational and social self-care. There is no obligation other than to be courteous to others who are doing their self-care-check-ins and to acquire the two key materials that help you begin creating and implementing your own Self Care Plan.

Group Affirmation

Because our bodies, minds and souls are connected, it helps tremendously to acknowledge all three aspects of ourselves when our self-care regimen is in need. You can incorporate some of these affirmations into the support group session:

I took good care of myself by coming here today. I matter to me each and every day. When my heart is heavy and I feel sadness in my chest, I repeat this self-care goal so my dreams can manifest:

I nourish myself, do my best, say thank you and release the rest. I nourish myself, do my best, say thank you and release the rest. I nourish myself, do my best, say thank you and release the rest.

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Adapted from the book: Self Care Matters A Revolutionary’s Approach by Anana Johari Harris Parris (Connect with her)