Black Self-Care Buddies

A Self Care Buddy is a current or former participant in a Self Care Support Group who agrees to accompany you in your self-care journey in a prescribed way: he or she will contact you on a regular basis, in any manner (in person, by phone, email or text) with a simple question — How is your self-care going? A Self Care Buddy is your personal cheerleader, committed to providing you encouragement to help you stay on your Self Care journey and work your plan.

A Self Care Buddy holds a unique position in your life. She may not be a close relative or even a friend that you speak to daily. She will come to know some of your specific challenges and the status of your Self Care development. How does she get to know this? Because you will share this information.

A Buddy can but isn’t obligated to share his experiences with you. But he genuinely cares about how you are doing. He knows the value of having a buddy on a journey towards good self-care.

Self Care Buddy interventions happen when a buddy offers and you allow him or her to assist you in performing a self-care step, big or small. The difference between a regular friend helping you accomplish your goal and a Self Care Buddy assisting is that your Self Care Buddy is willing to revisit the step as often as possible until it is accomplished.

Caution: Don’t rely on your Self Care Buddy’s feedback to guide you. His job is not to advise. Instead he is dedicated to supporting you, listening to you, and encouraging you.

How to Pick a Self Care Buddy:

-Ask group leader for recommendation Pick somebody you trust and respect

-Put it out there in a Self Care Support Group

-You may have more than one

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Adapted from the book: Self Care Matters A Revolutionary’s Approach by Anana Johari Harris Parris (Connect with her)