Avoiding Rock Bottom Level With You Self-Care

Self Care Rock Bottom is the complete absence of the desire to take care of yourself holistically or categorically. We can remain in denial about how low our interest is in taking care of ourselves, but there are certain actions that trigger a red flag that we must honor. For example, if you skipped every other chapter in this book and came straight to this one, you should call someone immediately and ask for help and guidance. Skipping to this chapter is a sign you need to welcome the love and support of others to help inspire you to take better care of yourself.

Rock bottom means it is time to borrow someone else’s belief in us until we believe in ourselves again. Rock bottom is a terrifying place that absolutely requires an extended hand to survive it. It requires someone to help you rebuild that self-care muscle. You will need help exercising the desire to do activities that take care of you spiritually/emotionally, economically, artistically, physically, educationally or socially.

There will be moments when you are watching yourself, almost in an out-of-body experience, actually doing something you thought was terrifying and impossible. Your actions may say you are confident and faith-driven, but your heart may be drowning in worry and fear. Keep walking anyway. Allow your Self Care Dream Team member, in whatever category critical for you, to extend a hand.

If you’ve hit a financial rock bottom for whatever reason, ignore the embarrassment and shame long enough to take a self-care step and make the first call to an accountant, a financial consultant or a financially savvy friend. Add this person to your Economic Dream Team once they have agreed to help you. Continue establishing your Self Care Plan, because rock bottom in one area can have a negative impact on another area.

The Self Care Plan you develop by yourself, with a buddy, a mentor, a partner or a group is your personal, customized reference tool for growing and healing in your life. Having a Self Care Plan actually written down helps you remember what to do when the pain or confusion of a low moment in your life makes you temporarily forget how to care for yourself. The plan is flexible because you create it based on where you are. When you hit rock bottom, you may realize that you require a new plan. Find the courage to create a new Self Care Plan.

Quietly agonizing over difficult challenges, past traumas and fears of the future is probably not the most effective route to self-care. On the other hand, writing down what you need, who may be able to help and where you can go to be encouraged, means you have a plan that you can use, that can give you some control.

The pain probably won’t disappear overnight, but you’ll have a gentler, more caring journey getting back up.

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Adapted from the book: Self Care Matters A Revolutionary’s Approach by Anana Johari Harris Parris (Connect with her)