3o Day self Care Plan Challenge

The purpose of a 30 Day Self Care Challenge is to integrate the Self Care Plan into your life over the course of 30 days, focusing on a specific goal. This gives you a chance to really look at how you do and don’t take care of yourself; to find your pain points, and to slowly, gently, move your life towards better self-care. You may choose to do the challenge alone or with a group of other Self Care advocates. Either way, what’s important to remember is the purpose of the challenge is participation and not perfection.

Day One

By now, if you have been using the Self Care Journal as we highlighted in our last post, you have your Self Care Plan documented. You’ve listed your Self Care Buddy(ies), your Dream Team members. You have the Seven Keys handy. You listed some goals that you want to reach for each of the categories of care. For now, just review your Self Care Plan. Just look at it. Take it in.

- Post or journal a message when you can.

-Check in with a Buddy.

-Ask for help to accomplish your critical Self-Care areas, if you need it.

Pick One Goal in One Category:

Use the plan below to pick one goal in one category that you want to focus on for 30 days. Each goal has a suggested activity for you to do during the challenge. You may, however, choose something entirely different. These are provided simply to help get your thoughts and ideas flowing.


Goal: Become more in touch with my spiritual and emotional needs & experiences.

Activity: You pick the frequency and length, but consistency is the challenge. Team a safe Self Care Dream Team member like a pastor, spiritual supporter or a counselor & check in regularly during the entire challenge.


Goal:Become aware of and research guidance around my economic state.

Activity: Evidence Revealed: Record your time,money and energy distribution over 30 days. The Value of Values: Develop an honest values list that may include items like financial stability, family or mate approval; proving someone wrong, financial freedom, peaceful decision making. Review or add to the list every day of the challenge.


Goal: Allow artistic experiences to open up my creative side and provide a healing experience when needed.

Activity: Artistic Witness: At least once a week over the 30 days, witness others fully express their artistry through various mediums. Creative Medicine: At least once a week over the 30 days, write one paragraph about something you experienced, then express your emotions around it in a chosen art form.


Goal: Become aware of my actual physical needs and address the most critical areas.

Activity: Assess to Win: Schedule an appointment with a physician or certified holistic practitioner and get a complete assessment of your physical health. Priorities on Display: Display the top three items that could help address your most critical areas and read them out loud each day for the entire challenge.


Goal: Become aware of my anxieties and explore social options that address my needs.

Activity:Different Room, Different Thought: Record your voice, or write down what you feel like walking into different rooms: a room full of high powered executives and business owners, a room full of artists, dancers and singers; a room full of rich investors, a room full of spiritual gurus and pastors, a room full of PhD’s, attorneys and politicians; a room full of financial experts; a room full of family members you like, a room full of family members you don’t like, a room full of children.

Do I Know What I Need?: Other people can help us reach our goals. Spend the challenge brainstorming and writing down what you may need and how others may help.

Helpful Environment: Research organizations that encourage and support individual’s growth based on your particular area of need.


Goal: Examine my values and create an educational plan.

Activity: Knowledge is Power: Knowing what you value and are passionate about can fuel your journey, so regularly write words or sentences that express your values and passions.

Plan to Succeed: Schedule interviews with individuals who are knowledgeable about educational planning. Attend at least one meeting and ask two questions.

There is no perfect result. Use the Self Care Plan form found on www.selfcareagency.com to assist in recording your Self-Care baby steps, Self Care Dream Team members, and to use as a reminder.

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Adapted from the book: Self Care Matters A Revolutionary’s Approach by Anana Johari Harris Parris (Connect with her)